Friday, September 9, 2011

If the Cowboy Boot Fits Wear It - How to Fit a Boot

With summer nearing an end, it's time to kick off those flip flops and pull on a cozy pair of cowboy boots. Though a good pair of boots may cost you more than your flip flops, with the proper fit and care, you'll be wearing them for years to come, maybe even decades. The best way to ensure a proper fit is to visit a Western shop like Fort Western Stores where experts are available to assist you with selecting and fitting a comfortable pair of boot. If the nearest Western store is hours away, don't fret; you can still buy your boots online using the tips and suggestions below to help ensure a proper fit.

What Size Do I Order?
"What Size?" is one of the most common questions asked when purchasing a new pair of cowboy boots. In general, your boot size will match your shoe size, but not always. Size may vary by brand, leather and style. If you're unsure, it's better to order a 1/2 size too big than 1/2 size too small. Also, if you plan to wear boot socks, consider ordering a 1/2 size larger than you normally wear to accommodate the thickness of the socks.

What Does A,B,C,D, EE and EEE Mean?
Cowboy boots often come in different widths as well as sizes. Knowing whether you have a narrow, standard or wide foot will help you determine which width to order.

Men's Boots
EE= Wide
EEE= Extra Wide

Ladies' Boots

What's Most Important in Determining Fit?
Cowboy boots are designed for a little wiggle room in places but the "instep" is not one of them. A boot doesn't have laces like a shoe so the instep must fit snug to hold your foot in place. If the instep is too tight you need a wider width, if it's too lose you need a narrower width.

Why Do I Feel Like I'm Walking on My Toes?
The "ball" of your foot is where your foot bends when you walk and it needs to line up with the ball of the boot. If the ball of the boot is too far forward it will push your toes forward so that it feels like you're walking on your tippy toes. If this happens, the boot is too short and you need a larger size or different style boot.

Don't Judge a Boot by Its Heel Slippage
A new boot may feel loose in the heel even with a proper fit; that's perfectly fine. As long as the instep fits snug, you shouldn't have to worry about heel slippage. Over time the sole of the boot will break in and soften and the heel slippage should subside.

Though the general guidelines above will help you select a proper fitting boot, the only way to make certain a boot fits comfortably is to try it on and see how the feels.

About Fort Western Stores
Fort Western Stores was established in 1972 and is one of the largest Western stores in the Midwest with retail stores located in Nebraska, a catalog distributed world-wide and an online store. Fort Western Stores offers a huge selection of western wear and home decor at everyday low prices including cowboy hats, work wear, and saddles and tack. Visit one of The Fort's retail stores, or stop by Fort Western online, for friendly and knowledgeable staff prepared to help you with all your western wear needs.

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