Monday, April 18, 2011

Fort Western Stores' Saddle and Tack Staff Trains with Bob's Custom Saddles

David Solum explains the many options Bob's Custom Saddles has to offer.

The Fort Western Stores recently had a visit from David Solum, the sales representative from Bob’s Custom Saddles. Mr. Solum came in to show off all of the options available for Bob’s Custom Saddles so that our Saddle and Tack staff can help you build the saddle of your dreams.

The Fort is proud to carry Bob’s Custom Saddles to our customers. The high level of care and craftsmanship that goes into one of Bob’s saddles is one of the reasons they are respected so highly in western equestrian sports. Bob’s offers full customization on every aspect of their saddles with numerous choices on tooling styles and saddle silver.

To learn more about which Bob’s Custom Saddle models The Fort has to offer please visit one of our retail locations or contact our Saddle and Tack team at 402.421.3678 x.119 or

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